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Only authorised Air Products Industrial Gas Distributor in Namibia.


Welcome to Industrial Gas Namibia

Industrial Gas Namibia (commonly known as IGN ) is situated in Windhoek and Walvis Bay and are the only authorised Air Products Industrial Gas Distributor in Namibia. Air Products (based in Johannesburg) are one of the leading producers of gases in the world and provide industrial and high purity gases through a distributor network across Southern Africa.

IGN currently supply oxygen , acetylene , nitrogen , argon , carbon dioxide , and specialized welding mixes for engineering , production and mining facilities. We also carry consumables for all welding processes and sell welding machines , abrasives and safety equipment for Welders and gas cutting activities. We offer FREE DELIVERIES in surrounding area’s and we offer 30 day credit terms for selected customers.

Industrial Gases

We stock the following types of Industrial Gases:

For the welding and gas cutting industry

Oxygen , Acetylene , Mag Mix 3 (light gauge mig welding) , Coogar 84 ( >6mm mild steel mig welding) , Coogar 99 ( stainless steel mig welding) , Argon and Argon 5.0 ( high purity ) , Nitrogen gas ( 19kg and 48kg )

For the medical industry

Medical Oxygen , Nitros Oxide and other speciality gases.

Gas – Fun Facts

  • The air we breathe is made up of different gases . It contains approx. 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen , 1% Argon and small amount of other gases.
  • Gas pressure is measured in pascals (Pa) , kilo pascals (KPa) or mega pascals (MPa)
  • Pure gases are made up of just 1 atom type eg. Neon gas, Helium and Argon Gas
  • The ozone layer around our Earth is made up of Ozone (O3) whichs protects life on our world because it shields most of the potentially damaging ultra violet (UV) light rays from the sun.

Oxygen (o2) – oxygen is colourless,odorless and tasteless

  • liquid and solid oxygen is pale blue
  • oxygen supports combustion
  • approximately 2/3 of the mass of a human body is oxygen !

Helium (He) – Helium gas is lighter than air & that is why we use it in balloons to float upwards

  • it is formed underground
  • Helium is non-flammable

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) – commonly known as “laughing gas” in the medical field

  • also used to dramatically increase the power output in motorcar engines. Also known as “Nitrous”

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – is the gas used in fizzy drinks and as a propellant in fire extinguishers

  • Solid CO2 is commonly known as “Dry Ice”

Hydrogen (H2) – is the lightest of all the elements on the periodical table

  • Hydrogen is extremely flammable & can be used as a fuel and for making fertilizers , glass , cosmetics and soaps

Contact Us

Walvis Bay Branch

Tel : +264 64 221 571

Cell : +264 81 431 6025


Windhoek Branch

Schleswig strasse, Lafrenz
Windhoek, Namibia

Tel: +264 61 260 387

Cell: +264 85 636 9538


Head Office

4 Hermes Road , Paarden Eiland
7420, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 201 1188


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